Parallelogram Stitch Knitting Pattern

Parallelogram Stitch Knitting Pattern

The Parallelogram Stitch Pattern creates a modern texture of interconnecting diagonal angles. This 16-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is an easy combination of knits and purls. When lightly blocked, it holds a flat shape that is perfect for scarves, pillows, and blankets. It’s an easy level project. #StudioKnit #knittingpattern

Let’s take a close look at our Irish Moss Knit Stitch Pattern, seeing exactly how those knits and purls are knitted together to make this pretty, simple pattern. #StudioKnit #knittingvideo #knitstitchpattern

Along with up-close photos of my Seed Stitch knitting samples, you’ll find links to all the techniques, a printable written pattern, and video tutorial. I hope you are inspired to give this classic Seed Stitch a try! #StudioKnit #knittingvideo #howtoknit

Wow!! This blanket is so amazingly soft and easy. The video tutorial will walk you through every step. You have GOT to make this!

The Reverse Ridge Knit Stitch Pattern is a fun series of knits and purls to make this unique horizontal design. This 6-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is a reversible pattern that’s stretchy. Unlike most vertical rib stitches, this accordion stretch is horizontal. #studioknit #knittingvideo


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